Tour continuing professional development

To ensure the programme has maximum educational value, before participating in the tour teachers enrolled in a bespoke Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme designed by experts at the IOE

This CPD programme (offered both on-line and face-to-face in locations across the country) prepared teachers (and students) for the tours by providing an array of information and advice. In particular it helped teachers develop and design First World War enquiries for their schools which often focus on discovering how local communities were affected by the war.

Tending to the needy

“Public knowledge has improved dramatically and… people’s horizons have moved beyond the familiar tropes of the western front, the trenches and war poets. The school visits to the western front organised by University College London have been a vital element in this process. The strength of the UCL tours was that they empathised understanding, awareness of battlefield tactics and battlefield conditions, and so did not simply stay with remembrance.”Prof Sir Hew Strachan, First World War Centenary Advisory Board


Participating schools also have access to the programme website which provides an array of support materials (e.g., resources, lesson plans, research briefings, films, podcasts and core information), and will continue to do so beyond the end of the programme in 2020.

Early morning address, trench scene

Improved Teaching

A growing body of evidence also exists to show that teaching and learning about the First World War significantly improved across the country as a result of the programme. For example, 92.2% of teachers say they will seriously review and improve their teaching as a result of the programme. In addition, 86% of teachers report they are more likely to take their students on a battlefield tour as a result of their involvement.

Tending to the wounded

About these resources

These modules were originally created to support those teachers going on one of the nationally- funded battlefield tours as part of the First World War Centenary commemorations between 2014 and 2020. They have been amended to support any teacher planning on visiting the battlefields.

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View of a World War 1 trench

Conducting research on local soldiers

This module was created in partnership with the Commonwealth War Grave Commission and the Imperial War Museums ‘Lives of the First World War’ Centenary Project. The core aims of this module are to:

  • Introduce you to key online research resources
  • Enable you to conduct online research
  • Support you in developing an online research module for your students


Using artefacts: The Princess Mary Gift Box

This module has been created in partnership with the Imperial War Museums’ Learning and Digital Learning teams. The core aims of this module are to:

  • Develop your understanding of the history of the Princess Mary Gift Box
  • Consider how this artefact can be used in the classroom
  • Support you in developing an enquiry based lesson


Online CPD module 1

Preparing for your battlefields tour, key questions for you to consider.


Online CPD module 2

Devising an effective enquiry to make the most effective use of onsite visits.


Online CPD module 3

Creating a commemorative project for your school/community.