Kathryn Main


North-West England


 Upton-by-Chester High School, Chester

 Specialist Leader Involvement:

  • Sharing lesson resources at TeachMeet

  • Developing post-tour extended project support materials for sixth-formers


Katy attained her PGCE from Newcastle University in 2008 and took up her first teaching post at Upton-by-Chester High school. Since then she have gained a range of experiences and in 2015 was appointed to the role of Assistant Director of Sixth Form. 

We asked Kathryn: 

1. What interests you about the First World War?

‘I am keenly interested in how we can study and teach the First World War from different perspectives, in particular trying to encourage students to look at the impact war had on different countries. I am interested in looking at the scope of change and continuity as a result of the First World War.’

2. Why did you apply to become one of our Specialist Leaders?

‘I enjoyed making use of the material provided by the programme and look forward to helping other schools utilise an enquiry based approach to the study of the First World War. I look forward to supporting other schools in ensuring there is a wide impact as a result of their visits to the Battlefields.’


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