Lance Corporal Sidney Richards

Sidney Richards was born in West Bromwich in 1895.  Before the War, he had worked as a glass silverer and a clerk. He joined the 137th Brigade, Machine Gun Company and took part in the artillery bombardment before the men went ‘over the top’ on 1st July. His account of the action at Gommecourt that morning was published in the Trinity Church Parish Magazine and can be listened to below...

In 1917, Sidney Richards was recommended for a commission and sent to an Officer Cadet Battalion at Pirbright in Surrey. In May 1918, he returned to France as a Second Lieutenant, joining the 55th Battalion, Machine Gun Corps.  He died in 1950, aged 55.

Sidney Thomas Richards

Lance Corporal Sidney Richards - audio



Lance Corporal Sidney Richards

Transcript of the words of Lance Corporal Sidney Richards


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