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In March 2017, Teaching History published an article which looks at how one teacher, Claire McKay, from Henry Cort Community College in Hampshire used her battlefield tour experience to develop a whole-school programme called 'Active Remembrance'.

Using the tour to immerse the whole school

Claire was very clear that she didn’t want the tour for her two students to be just a “ripple of learning” that has an impact through a one-off act of remembrance. Following the tour, she empowered her students to help her plan a whole school cross-curricular activity enquiry day based around the First World War, which could be easily replicated year on year.

Understanding the values with which her two students engaged during their free battlefields tour, Claire has ensured the school’s SMSC sessions, now a key part of the curriculum, are firmly rooted in those same values.

Individual subjects have benefitted through student engagement and cultural awareness, with the Democracy element of the new programme enjoying a significant boost. Students produced work which showed a clear thought process leading to a growing awareness of their place in Britain and, crucially, Britain’s place in the world. Approaches were modified according to year groups and the growing awareness of links between Britain, the wider world and their place within it transferred into other faculty lessons.

Read more about how Claire’s cross curricular SMSC approach is creating students who are better equipped both emotionally and understanding to engage meaningfully with big concepts such a remembrance. Find out how she is encouraging more personal acts of remembrance to tie students to their roots and create an invisible link with what has gone before. Click here to read the full article.

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