Legacy 110 - Post Visit Commemorative Projects

'Legacy 110' is an award-winning initiative which encourages students who engage in the First World War Centenary Battlefields Tour Programme to deliver a community-based First World War project.

Click on the link to view the school registration map to find an example of a Legacy110 project near you.

The aim of 'Legacy 110' is for every participating student to create an enduring legacy by impacting upon at least 110 people within their local community. The orginal aim of this was that the total number of people reached by 2019 would equal 888,246, which is equivalent to the number of British and Commonwealth soldiers who fell during the First World War. 'Legacy 110' reinforces the remembrance of these soldiers who were also so vividly commemorated in 2014 through the art installation of poppies at the Tower of London. To date, student legacy projects have reached more than 4 million people across the globe!

We hope to encourage all schools that come on one of our tours to encourage their students to create an enduring legacy of their visit by setting up a 'Legacy 110' community project to commemorate the First World War Centenary.  

Every student who completes a 'Legacy 110' project will receive a certificate of achievement and a specially commissioned First World War centenary pin badge. The best projects will also be showcased on this website and at our pretigious annual awards event.

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Case Studies

See what other schools are doing by looking at these examples of post visit commemorative projects which we have selected from different schools around the country. For all 'Legacy 110' projects view our 'Legacy 110 National Map'...

Teacher Information Legacy 110

Legacy 110 Teacher Information

To help teachers to support their students in engaging with the Legacy 110 initiative we have produced a range of support materials. These include a 'Project Plan' and information on how to support your students in the successful delivery of a Legacy 110 project.

Presenting Your Project

Presenting your Legacy 110 project

This section contains Power Point presentation templates and information on how students can utilise BBC School News Report and BBC Local radio to deliver their Legacy 110 projects within their local community...

Lives Of The FWW

Partner Organisations

The ‘Legacy 110’ project, led by UCL Institute of Education's First World War Centenary Battlefield Tours Programme, is delivered in partnership with six other key organisations.

Legacy Support

Further support for your Legacy 110 project

This section provides support and resources for students wanting to deliver a Legacy 110 project from our partners organisations...

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Submitting your Legacy 110 project

Download and complete our 'Legacy 110 Information Document' to acquire your 'Legacy 110' certificate and pin badge...


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