Why are the events at ‘Manchester Hill’ still remembered 100 years on?

This enquiry examines key elements of the Battle of Manchester Hill on 21st March 1918. The enquiry focuses on developing students’ source skills through analysis of historical evidence. It may be necessary to define the term ‘Pals’ with students, as the enquiry focuses on the role of the Manchester Pals within the battle. It is designed to be a stand-alone lesson that can be done around the time of the centenary commemoration of the battle or can be fitted in to a wider scheme of work looking at the First World War.

Stage 1

Who is Wilfrith Elstob?

Through investigating a variety of resources, students discover who Wilfrith Elstrob was and more about his life.

Wilfrith Elstob - background

A collection of resources including a death certificate and other sources of evidence for students to discover more about his life.

Manchester Hill - Powerpoint presentation

An accompanying slideshow for teachers to use with students with this enquiry.

Stage 2

Who were the Manchester Pals?

Students are asked to find out more about the Manchester Pals from the resources provided.

Manchester Pals - resource

Background information for students in order to work out more about the Battalion and their involvement towards the end of the war.

Stage 3

What happened at St Quentin on 21 March 1918?

Students develop their source analysis skills to form extractions and inferences from the resources provided.

The Battle of Manchester Hill - resource

A student resource pack containing excerpts from different sources about the battle at St Quentin in 1918.

Stage 4

How should the Battle of Manchester Hill be remembered today?

Students should assess why this event is so significant to the city and surrounding area of Manchester.

Manchester Hill - tributes

A student resource pack containing various tributes to the heroes of the Battle of Manchester Hill.

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