How much did the First World War change the lives of women in Britain?

This enquiry provides an analysis of the impact of dramatic changes in the lives of women in Britain brought about by the First World War.

Stage 1

What was life like for women before the war?

In order to understand, measure and analyse any changes that the War brought, students need to know what women’s lives were like before the war. This stage starts by personalising this situation:
What might life for the bride in the wedding photograph be like?

In what ways did the war change women's lives? - Powerpoint presentation

The task for the students, as they work through the slide resources, is to decide which aspects of women’s lives are dealt with.

Stage 2

How far did the war change the lives of women?

This stage is about finding out about the dramatic and wide-ranging changes the First World War brought to the lives of almost all women in Britain.

Land-girls at work

Munitions workers

RAF women drivers (known as ‘Penguins’)

Women's lives in the First World War worksheet

Student worksheet to record which aspects of women's lives changed for the better and for the worse.

Stage 3

How permanent were these changes to the lives of women?

In this stage students prepare to answer the enquiry question ‘How much did the First World War change the lives of women in Britain?’

The change line

A powerpoint presentation to help students answer the key question, whether the end of the War brought a return to the pre-war situation.

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