How great was the impact of the First World War?

This enquiry examines how great the impact of the First World War was on Europe. The principal focus will be on looking at the impact of the War on Britain and the major powers in the decades which followed 1918.

Stage 1

Was Woodrow Wilson being realistic in trying to achieve his 14 Points?

Students start by considering how war might bring about change. This information is then set in the wider context of how the First World War brought about change in Europe. This includes looking at both positive and negative aspects of change.

The impact of the First World War - Powerpoint presentation

In this presentation students will look at a wide range of sources of evidence, including posters, cartoons, maps and secondary accounts.

Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points

PDF document and worksheet outlining the Fourteen Points.

The Peace Treaties, 1919-1920

A table showing the main terms of the treaties for each of the defeated countries after the First World War.

Stage 2

Was redrawing the map of Europe really a good thing to do?

This stage develops students’ understanding of the impact of redrawing the map of Europe after 1919. It looks at the issues that this would cause as well as some of the problems associated with the countries affected by this.

Stage 3

Did the First World War really change the lives of ordinary people?

This stage will focus on assessing the impact that the First World War had on ordinary people’s lives. Students will be looking at a range of source material and reaching a judgement as to how much lives were changed by the War.

Impact of the First World War - Powerpoint presentation 2

This powerpoint presentation contains a photograph of the Paris Peace Conference held in 1919, maps to compare Europe in 1914 and 1920, as well as first and second hand sources to help students form an opinion on the extent of the impact of the First World War.

Stage 4

Is the First World War still having an impact today?

The stage will encourage students to make links between the impact of the First World War and the world they live in today. The stage is largely about reflection and will encourage them to review what they have learned in the earlier stages of this enquiry.

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